Crunch Time for Census: Activists Want Every Black Californian Counted

“If we are not counted, then we amplify our problems as opposed to solving our problems,” said Janette Robinson Flint, executive director of Black Women for Wellness.

All communities should participate in the U. S. Census despite Trump´s memo on reapportionment

Leaders indicate that the directive does not exclude undocumented immigrants from the count.

Senate Bill 793: What’s worse…the tobacco policy or the puff?

The California Senate has already passed the bill and it will make its way to the Assembly for consideration.

Advocates Connect Black Justice, Health and Money to Environmental Concerns

The panel also looked at state legislation that focuses on environmental justice solutions.

Learn Steps to prepare for next disaster on your mobile

The program is implemented through the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and is chaired jointly by Baker and Justin Knighten.

Opinion – Note to Congress: Voting to Strengthen AmeriCorps Means Jobs, Opportunity for Our Children

AmeriCorps programs like City Year address urgent local needs and fill gaps in social services.

CDC issues Coronavirus Guidelines to support the opening of schools

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encouraged U.S. schools to reopen for in-person learning this fall.

Oprah to honor Congressman John Lewis

Oprah Winfrey is hosting a gala of events honoring the legendary man.

No Shelter in the Covid-19 storm: 28 million American renters face evictions

“Evictions have played a significant role in creating California’s affordable housing crisis and our homelessness crisis,” she said, noting that some extremely low income households pay 90 percent of their income in rent.

L.A. Community, Faith and Civic Leaders hold Zoom Town Hall

“Make It Count: Join the Conversation—Will SB 793’s Ban on Menthol Cigarette Hurt or Help the Black Community”

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