Lessons of the Pandemic – Demanding Equal Access to the Internet as a Human Right

“In the United States, providing Internet service is a commodity, it’s not a public utility,” McPeak said, in conclusion. “Legally, it’s not a utility. But morally, it should be.”

As Food Insecurity Rises – Millions Missing Out on LA County Food Support Programs

“It’s going to take a lot of time for us to undo the damage that has been done with the anti-immigrant rhetoric that went on for years,” Reyes noted. He encouraged people to at least check into their eligibility for benefits.

‘Sylvie’s Love’ receives an AAFCA Award

The Amazon film received a nod for Best Movie from the organization of black film critics.

CA Mandates COVID Vaccine Proof For State Employees, Health-Care Workers

The policy comes in response to rising COVID-19 infection numbers and hospitalizations statewide.

What You Need to Know About the Delta Variant

The Delta variant, also known as B.1.617.2, can spread more easily, according to the CDC.

Charting A New Course for Haiti – Invest in the People

As pointed out by political scientist and development expert Fukuyama, true economic development requires patience.

Reparations Task Force Agrees It Needs the Ideas, Input of Black Californians

“The (Black) community is going to play a huge role in getting whatever we present across the finish line,” Councilmember Steppe promised.

CDC Experts Call New Surge “The pandemic of the unvaccinated”

He recalled that the CDC provides advice and direction to “all jurisdictions in the country”, but that “states are autonomous” to make these decisions.

‘Historic Moment!’ Asian Americans cheer passage of California’s $156 Million fund to combat AAPI racism

Regina Wilson, executive director of California Black Media, lauded the grant to the ethnic press. “This is an exciting day: the state budget has recognized the importance of ethnic media and its important role in informing communities who really yearn to plead their own cause.”

How do you say “gerrymandering” in Spanish?

It’s work that needs to be done, Rivera says. He calls it “language justice.”

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