Caribpress attends the premiere of “The Call of the Wild”

The film opens in U.S. theaters on February 21.

New drama from 50 Cent examines flaws in America’s legal system

Titled “For Life,” the series stars Joy Bryant, Indira Varma and Tyla Harris.

California Census 2020 Campaign Announces Partnerships with Black-Owned and Operated Media Partners

“Throughout history, the Black community has fought for equity and to be represented on our own terms. We are always ready to unite in power to ensure that we are all counted,” said Kevin Cosney

AY Young: ‘I want to show people a concert can be powered by renewable energy.’

An entrepreneur, songwriter and climate activist, the Kansas City, Missouri resident is the founder of the “Battery Tour”.

California Black News Brief: Stories to Watch – Week Beginning 2/9/2020

“The dollars that we deserve that we have over generations been denied, we have an opportunity every ten years to claim that,” said Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager (D-Los Angeles).

Black Kids Deserve Great Schools, Too

Meanwhile it’s an outrage that the majority of Black students find themselves in schools not making progress because of ineffective policies put out by the state.

Windrush: 170 MPs call on PM to halt Jamaica deportation flight

Tuesday’s flight is expected to include a man who moved to the UK aged five.

Which Race and Ethnic Card to Play: Census Identities Still Confound

Making sure that if there were resources linked to identity, those resources would be allocated to and benefit the community with which the individual is primarily identified.

Julian Marley Is Spreading Righteousness Across the World (The Interview)

Julian shares memory of his iconic dad, Bob Marley during interview

A Historic Conversation with Legendary Drummer Santa Davis (The Interview—Part 1)

I just say to all the people out there who love reggae music: I appreciate them all. And just keep listening. Just keep vibing. Everything is great, you know? Just keep a good vibe.

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