Gov. Sets Up Advisory Team on Aging as Golden State Population Grows Grayer

Expecting California’s aging population to balloon by about 4 million to 8.6 million people by 2030, Gov. Newsom is taking steps to meet the needs of families like the Marylands.

A Warm Sendoff for E. Dotson Wilson, the Nations First And Longest-Serving African American Legislative Clerk

To see more diversity in the make-up of the membership is the most significant change I’ve seen,

Gov’s Wife: Stop Paying Women Less Than Men for Doing the Same Jobs

For Black women, the pay gap is wider and has a more deep-reaching impact on African-American families across California.

‘The Goldfinch’ is a tedious odyssey

This book about a child who gets stuck at the point in his life when he lost his mother topped the best seller lists around the globe.

Texas grandmother told to cut four-year-old boy’s hair

Woodley is calling on the school board to change the dress code.

PAFF partners with YouTube to find African Storytellers

“PAFF has been a pioneer in supporting cinematic storytelling from Africa and the African diaspora for a global audience,” says Ayuko Babu, Executive Director and a Founder of the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF).

Uber, Lyft Drivers Make Last-Minute Push to Remain Their Own Bosses

If it passes, AB5 will impact more than 2 million contract workers in California.

Dynamex Law Will Gut Black Newspapers in California

We’ve done the math. Having to hire couriers as full-time employees would force us to limit our circulation areas or raise the prices of our papers. Either option would hurt our revenue so bad, it would no longer make sense to stay in business.

New UCLA Study – States Makes Progress on Goal to Guarantee Water as a Human Rights

As drought conditions ravaged the state, voters surpassed the required two-thirds majority threshold to approve a $7.1 billion water bond measure, which included special provisions to earmark funds for the most water-challenged communities.

Mayor Eric Garcetti backs homeless bill

A total of 26 emergency shelters in the city’s A Bridge Home initiative are expected to be open by next year.

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