The Body Shop and ECPAT Launch Campaign to Stop Sex Trafficking

The campaign has received special recognition from US President Bill Clinton, who described the campaign as ‘an exemplary approach to addressing a specific global challenge.’

Twenty countries worldwide have committed to protect children from sex trafficking by either changing laws or adopting international human rights standards, according to a new report launched by The Body Shop and ECPAT International.

Entitled ‘Creating Change through Partnership’, the report reveals how the ground breaking ‘Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People’ campaign has inspired governments across the world to take action against human trafficking.

Commenting on the campaign, The Body Shop’s International Campaign Director and winner of the United Nations Business Leaders Award, Christopher Davis said ‘We are proud that 20 countries have listened to our call to do more to look after some of the world’s most vulnerable people. The success of the campaign is a tribute to every single person who visited our stores across the world and signed our campaign petition and to the thousands of staff at The Body Shop who inspired so many millions of people to participate’.

ECPAT International Executive Director, Kathleen Speake added ‘Through the passion, commitment and experience of ECPAT International and The Body Shop, children are better protected from sex trafficking than they were in 2009 when we started this campaign. Unfortunately, much more needs to be done, particularly in encouraging governments to provide specialized services for affected children. It is clear that we must all work together more effectively and prioritize children to ensure that they are protected from this egregious crime’.

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