Costa Rican author, Isaias Gamboa, pens controversial book

The author and music industry veteran dispels the origin of the iconic freedom song “We Shall Overcome.”

A song that became a key anthem of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, no other song in American history has had as much impact.

According to Gamboa’s book, “We Shall Overcome: Sacred Song on the Devil’s Tongue,” Louise Shropshire,  a sharecropper’s daughter who died penniless and unrecognized, composed a popular Gospel-hymn that would become secularized and claimed by Pete Seeger and four others. The song was then peddled for  millions all over the globe by Seeger, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Bruce Springsteen and many others.

Featuring more than 160 extraordinary photographs, Gamboa not only describes the disturbing details surrounding the misappropriation of this sacred hymn, but also explores the historical attitudes of Black-exploitation and racism in America.

Gamboa’s literary debut uncovers the shocking, untold story of the iconic freedom-song and is available for purchase online:


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