Trump’s New Health Act Raises Questions

Will the American Health Care Act Pass?

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced the specifics of the new American Healthcare Act which replaces former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The new legislation will offer low cost plans and more insurance choices for Americans and a tax credit to all Americans who don’t get insurance from an employer. They can use the tax credit to buy insurance or keep the cash.

For example, high income earners who are self-employed will receive a tax credit of up to $33,000.

The new GOP plan offers:


  • Returns control of health care back to the states
  • Restores the free market
  • Decrease premiums
  • Expand and enhance health care options
  • Dependents stay on their parents’ plan until age 26
  • Eliminate taxes on prescription drugs


Ryan said the new GOP health care reform bill gives patients more control and protects people with preexisting conditions and it will take 3 weeks for the new American Healthcare Act to move through the House on its way to the Senate before it becomes law. In a nutshell the American Healthcare Act allows adolescents 26 and under to stay on their parent’s plan, preserves the expansion of Medicaid through 2020, eliminates nearly all taxes and subsidies from Obamacare, and gets rid of the mandate that requires individuals to have health insurance or be forced to pay a penalty

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