YouTube parts ways with actor/Vlogger Logan Paul

The actor who starred in the comedy “Where’s the Money” earned $12 million in YouTube revenue and endorsements in 2016.

After a week of closed door meetings, YouTube has announced they are cutting ties with their cash cow Logan Paul.

The video-sharing giant made the decision after Logan, 22, posted a video of a dead man hanging from a tree in Japan’s notorious “Suicide Forest”.

Logal PaulYouTube announced the popular vlogger is no longer a premiere publisher in the Google Preferred ads program, and none of his exclusive films will be offered on the video platform’s subscription-based YouTube Red service.

Logan will still be allowed to post videos on YouTube and monetize his videos under the standard revenue share of about $2,000 per every 1 million views. He will no longer bring in the big ad dollars that he enjoyed as a preferred YT vlogger.

Logan earned $12 million in YouTube revenue and endorsements in 2016.

YouTube made it clear that the ‘suicide’ video was Logan’s “first strike”. But critics complained that YouTube has ignored prior complaints about Logan’s offensive antics on the video-sharing platform.

They point out that Logan’s 15 million strong membership is comprised of mostly adolescents and teenagers.

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