Protesters gear up for Trump’s California visit

Some residents in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas reportedly plan to protest the president’s visit.


Four years after the president first proposed a wall, he will finally visit California.

On Tuesday, Trump will be making his first trip to California since assuming the presidency in January 2017. He is the first sitting president since Eisenhower not to visit California, the world’s sixth largest economy, during their first year in office.

During his visit, Trump will first go to San Diego, where he plans to personally inspect eight border wall prototypes. He will then visit Miramar Air Station, where he is scheduled to deliver a speech to all five branches of the military. Finally, Trump will head up to Los Angeles to attend a campaign fundraiser in Beverly Hills. According to Politico, tickets for the event will cost up to $250,000.

The state’s Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, suggested Trump visit a railway construction site during his trip instead of prototypes for a barrier along the Mexican border to keep immigrants out, saying the state’s focus is “on building bridges, not walls.

What remains unclear is whether his brief visit will bring out major protests. Some anti-Trump activists said they intend some kind of action, but so far there have been no plans for a massive demonstration such as the women’s march last year or some of the immigration demonstrations that clogged the streets of downtown L.A.

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