Maine to offer nonbinary gender option on driver’s licenses

Maine is now the fourth place to offer the nonbinary gender option for licenses, joining California, Oregon and D.C.

Maine will start offering 180611170429-people-voting-exlarge-169s and IDs with a third, nonbinary gender option.

The state’s bureau of motor vehicles  will begin issuing stickers for IDs or licenses stating “Gender has been changed to X – Non-binary” for those who request them.

The state’s licenses and IDs will feature an “M,” “F” or “X” gender option after a redesign in 2019.

The bureau added the new option after a complaint was filed with the Maine Human Rights Commission on behalf of a resident who was unable to receive a state license with a nonbinary gender marker, according to the Portland Press Herald.

“Words cannot adequately express the relief I feel, and how happy I am, that my ID will now reflect such an integral part of my identity and who I am,” the resident, Ian-Meredythe Dehne Lindsey, said in a statement, according to the newspaper.

Maine is now the fourth place to offer the nonbinary gender option for licenses, joining California, Oregon and D.C.

Applicants must submit a gender designation form, which is available at bureau branch offices or through a link on the bureau’s “Forms & Applications” page. The non-binary option was added to an existing form that was created several years ago so people could change their gender designation to male or female.

For the time being, card fronts will still show an “M” for male or “F” for female. The bureau will begin issuing cards with an “M,” “F” or “X” on the front and phase out the stickers starting in July 2019, after a computer system upgrade and a redesign of licenses and IDs.

The decision to offer the non-binary option came after Zack Paakkonen, a Portland attorney who is president of EqualityMaine’s board of directors, filed a complaint with the human rights commission on behalf of Dehne Lindsey, 33, an office worker, actor and activist on gender-related issues.

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