Parents claim Cannabis Makes TV Time with Kids More Enjoyable

A survey released today by NYC-based media and brand consultancy Miner and Co. Studio found a percentage of parents who consume cannabis say it greatly enhances their family TV viewing.

image00176%  of those polled say they spend more time watching TV with their kids when they’ve been consuming cannabis.  These parents also report that they are more engaged with  both their family and the content when consuming.

These respondents were parents of children over 18 and consumers of cannabis for recreational and/or medical use in states where it is legal. 51% were male and 49% female with 77% with an household income of $75,0000 annually.

The parents in this survey find that cannabis enhances their family’s TV time and say they’re more engaged with their kids and the content they are watching.  Nearly 8 of 10 state that they regularly consume cannabis when watching or getting ready to watch TV with their kids, ranging from occasionally (17%) to frequently (35%).  They feel it improved the time they spend watching TV as a family, with 8 of 10 saying it made watching their kids’ TV shows with them more enjoyable and they were more engaged discussing their kids’ TV shows with them when they’ve been consuming cannabis. The parents surveyed stated that they more likely to bond over the shows they watch with their kids and 80% shared they’re more likely to seek out shows from their own childhood to watch with their kids when they’ve been consuming cannabis.

7 out of 10 Cannabis consuming parents say they are frequent consumers of cannabis and cannabis products (several times a week to daily). They say they do so to enhance their well-being and social experiences and 51% state they consume cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

“The stoner stereotype is so prevalent and persistent in TV and Media that it continues to stigmatize those for whom cannabis is part of their active and healthful lifestyle,” said Robert Miner, president of Miner & Co. Studio. “This is especially true for Cannabis Consuming Parents who feel that cannabis plays a positive role in their lives and in some ways, improves their parenting and time spent with their families – including watching TV. They find themselves better able to put aside the impatience that is such an entrenched part of today’s adult experience and take the time to relax and bond with their kids. However, they’re keenly aware that others are far too likely to judge them based on stoner stereotypes. They recognize that TV and Media in general have played a role in reinforcing these perceptions and want that to change. The creative community has an opportunity to recognize the negative impact of these representations and present cannabis consumption in a more positive light to help overcome the stoner stereotype that casts a stigma on key members of their audience – including parents who consume cannabis.”

Miner & Co. Studio, a strategic research agency with a history of providing audience insights to guide TV network strategy and TV series development, has for the past few years played an impactful role in helping mass media and brands across industries gain a deeper understanding of the rapidly evolving cannabis consumer landscape.

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