Reggae Artist Half Pint Looks Forward to 25th Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

‘The song “Winsome” was a song of mine that I recorded in 1983, and Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones and Keith Richards [did a cover version] four years later in 1987 which gave me [significant] recognition and keep me current in the reggae music fraternity.

Martin from Quinto Sol and Half Pint on the  mic

Half Pint on mic backed by LA-based reggae band Quinto Sol • Love Zone Photo. All Rights Reserved © 2018

CaribPress recently caught up with Half Pint after his performance at MacArthur Park in downtown Los Angeles. During the stellar 40 minute set he was backed by his long time musician collaborators, the Quinto Sol reggae band. The diminutive dancehall artist kept his mostly Spanish speaking audience rocking non-stop from song to song. His set included his chart busting songs “Greetings,” “Victory,” and “Winsome.” The last time Half Pint performed with Quinto Sol was a decade ago during the Ragamuffin festival in Long Beach and the tour that followed in Mexico.

This weekend, Half Pint (born Lindon Roberts) will make his debut appearance at the 25th Sierra Nevada World Music Festival (SNWMF) in picturesque northern California county of Mendocino.

This what Half Pint had to say about his career and the upcoming festival:

CaribPress: Good day, SNWMF is celebrating its 25th anniversary. You are one of the big names in the reggae dancehall music scene for over 40 years and this weekend you are going for the first time to perform at the festival. What kept you away for so long from this three-day reggae festival?

Half Pint: [It] probably [had a lot to do with] the management and how the whole thing was set up back then, but for now I am with a different management [company] and all things are possible and I will be there definitely performing [on Saturday, June] 23rd.

CaribPress: So, what can your fans anticipate to see and hear at this festival?

Half Pint: Basically, what Half Pint [has been] about over the years. [Audiences can expect some] social commentary [as well as some] lovers rock. [Throughout my career, I’ve been] about singing about life, love and liberty. People can expect that from me [the] same way [today]. [Eventhough] Donald Trump’s [is the current U.S. President], reggae music is always here to free and uplift the people.

[In spite of the polarizing nature of politics today], I want my fans to know I am devoted to them and [that] whenever I am on the stage I am doing it [to uplift] black people. [My work represents the ideals of] Marcus Garvey in a musical form.

CaribPress: What keeps you so relevant to this day?

Half Pint: I don’t want to sound like I am bragging and boasting about myself but you know when you are sure of yourself and you are competent enough and you have so much to give [audiences will continue to support you because] you always have something good for them. [I’m a very spiritual person] and I know it’s [the] Almighty Jah Rastafari let me sharing this love and energy. It’s just like David in the Bible. He was a musician too and he was a real servant to the Most High. [My Rastafarian faith gives] me that support in my work and [reminds me that] I am a reverend and a servant to [my audience]. I [am] giving them music [with] lyrical content [in] support of morals and spirituality [and] encourage them to know that faith and [having a strong worth ethic go] together. We pray but we still have to look forward to doing our best.

CaribPress: On stage during your [recent] performance [at MacArthur Park] you mentioned that Rolling Stone did a cover of one your songs. Can you elaborate on that?

Half Pint: ‘The song “Winsome” was a song of mine that I recorded in 1983, and Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones and Keith Richards [did a cover version] four years later in 1987 which gave me [significant] recognition and keep me current in the reggae music fraternity. [As the result of a] major rock group [recording one of my songs demonstrates] that people are listening [to] me. [A group called] Sublime [made a recording around 1996 based on my song] , “Loving” from the Greetings album. [Music is] going to outlive all of us. You see it outlive Bob Marley. People are already rewriting Bob’s songs and some of mine might end up the same way too.

CaribPress: Finally, where do you go from here?

Half Pint: I have dates pending to perform in New York; Harford, Connecticut and Miami in July; working on a three to five [week] North American tour in July/August, plus currently working on an album to be [released soon]. A lot is in the pipeline right now.

The SNWMF kicks off on Friday, June 22nd and runs through Sunday, June 24th.

Performing along with Half Pint will be a slew of top tier reggae artists who flew in from Jamaica. The lineup includes Beres Hammond, Cocoa Tea, Tarrus Riley, Protoje, Jah9, Romain Virgo and the long awaited Mighty Diamonds out of Kingston. The full line up and more details can be seen on their poster which is being distributed throughout California.

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