Skip Marley: A Marley Maestro Skipping To His Own Beat

I want to continue to send a message of positivity as it’s up to us, the youth, to really keep spreading positivity. The youth are the future of the world and my message is about unity and togetherness.

Skip Marley at the 2018 Kaya Fest in San Bernadino.  Next year KAYA FEST 2019 is set for April 6 thru 7th, at Village Green Park, Garden Grove, CA

Skip Marley at the 2018 Kaya Fest in San Bernadino. Next year KAYA FEST 2019 is set for April 6 thru 7th, at Village Green Park, Garden Grove, CA | Photo courtesy Parker Bartlett © 2018

When you’re the carbon copy of one of the most successful musicians of all time it’s only natural that stardom comes quickly.

For Skip Marley, the grandson of reggae legend Robert Nesta Marley, there seems to be no stopping him from fulfilling his destiny as the world’s next great reggae legend. A singer, songwriter and a talented multi-instrumentalist, the 22-year-old artist has already emerged as a music maestro has been performing since age 13.  The son of Cedella Marley and David Minto, Skip taught himself to play the piano, drums, guitar, and bass and just four years ago released his first single, “Cry to Me”, quickly following that successful release with a second single called “Life” under the Tuff Gong label. He featured on, and co-wrote, Katy Perry’s 2017 single “Chained to the Rhythm” and has toured extensively over the years and recently performed at the sold-out Kaya Fest alongside his uncles Stephen, Ziggy, Damian, Julian and Ky-Mani ‏at the two-day festival which commemorated the 40th anniversary of Bob Marley’s album “Kaya.” With an album scheduled for a fall release, the remarkably pleasant, mild-mannered and mellow-headed young man speaks with Caribpress’ Samantha Ofole-Prince on continuing his grandfather’s mission.

CaribPress: Coming from a musical family, do you feel it was predestined that you would become a musician or was there simply a stage in life where you realized you wanted to follow in the same footsteps as your uncles and grandfather?

Skip Marley: It was predestined, but I choose to do it. It is true that I was never far from music and around 13, I joined my uncle on stage and got that shot and ever since then I knew music was my calling.

CaribPress: What was that like and what was going on in your mind before that performance when you were thrust on the stage in front of thousands?

Skip Marley: There were a bunch of things. That was my first time singing and I was always watching and observing.  When it came to my time to sing, I just got up there and before I walked out into the light I was like — l have the lyrics and melody and my uncle is singing the last little bit. I knew it must be coming soon around this time and as soon as they gave me the mic and I held it everything changed. It was a great feeling. I have always wanted to do it and hold the stage and sing these songs and the Catch A Fire Tour was such a great first time for me and just sitting back and analyzing everybody and singing all those hits of my grandfather. It was a great feeling of accomplishment.

CaribPress: You write your own music, what inspires your creativity?

Skip Marley: Music gives me inspiration. It’s a feeling. Once I have my guitar and the melody, the words just start coming out

CaribPress: Your grandfather inspired millions with his music. What is your own mission with your music or do you plan to follow in the same footsteps?

Skip Marley | Courtesy Tuff Gong © 2018

Skip Marley | Courtesy Tuff Gong © 2018

Skip Marley: I want to continue to send a message of positivity as it’s up to us, the youth, to  really keep spreading positivity. The youth are the future of the world and my message is  about unity and togetherness.

CaribPress: You have an uncanny resemblance to your grandfather Bob Marley and also  have a similar sound. I am sure you are constantly being compared to him. Is this spotlight a   huge pressure?

Skip Marley: The spotlight is not a pressure. It is a light. I have a job to do and I work hard.  It’s more like an uplifting thing and a positive thing being compared to my grandfather.

CaribPress: The music industry is certainly no easy fete and you are only as good as your    last single/album. What have you learned about this business and plan to do to ensure  longevity?

I plan to work as hard as I can and try to be the best that I can. That is what I have learned.

 CaribPress: Last year, your song ‘Lions’ was the soundtrack of Pepsi’s ad which featured   reality TV star, Kendall Jenner. There’s been Coachella and collaborations with pop artists that include Katy Perry, can we expect to see accolades such as Grammys in the future and are you exploring a different musical genre?

Skip Marley: I love that they used my music to reach the audience in the Pepsi commercial and if God gives me a Grammy, then I get a Grammy. I know my uncles have plenty of Grammys, but I am not working towards that, I am just looking forward to working and making good positive reggae music.

CaribPress: What are some of your hobbies and what you do when you are not writing or performing and is there a special lady in your life you spend time with?

Skip Marley: The music is my baby. When I am not writing or playing music, I play ball, watch movies, hang out with my family but most of the time it’s all about family vibes.


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