Model Beverly Johnson speaks on Bill Cosby drugging

“As soon as I took the first sip I knew,” says Johnson.

Johnson talks to Larry King about her experience with Bill Cosby

The first black model on the cover of Vogue recently opened up about why she decided to come forward about Bill Cosby.

Johnson, who sat down with Larry King says her memoir publisher initially refused a chapter about her experience with Bill Cosby, but later decided to include it when other women came forward with similar stories. She recounts the day she says she was drugged by Bill Cosby.

“I was going to be on the show, maybe a recurring role of the sister, and then, the cappuccino. We had a little meal before, so there were staff there. I didn’t see them when this acting exercise started to begin, and then the offer of this drink, the cappuccino. It was immediate, as soon as I took the first sip I knew. I was so disappointed. It was like, where do I go before I pass out? Where can I go safely? Before that I looked him dead in the eye and just called him a number of names and I got louder and louder and I just became more belligerent. I was so disappointed. I was so irate. He had to get me out of there.”

The first black woman to make the cover of American Vogue, Johnson also​ ​shared with Larry King​ the pressures of the industry and what measures she went to achieve it.

“One of the things I learned was, that you had to be thin and I was a thin girl anyways, but I realized that was a big component. They were always talking about cheekbones…I have to lose weight. What puts on weight? Food. Okay… don’t eat. And the models, back in my day, we didn’t eat. We didn’t drink water.”

Johnson also talks about the prevalent use of drugs in the industry.

“What cocaine did was, first of all it wasn’t addictive, back then they said it wasn’t addictive. They said it increased your intelligence. It killed your appetite. It makes your eyes nice and white. It is an elitist drug and it costs a lot of money…. for the modeling industry it’s like ‘hey, that’s the secret sauce!’”

Check out the full episode below:

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