8 Glow-in-the Dark Party Supplies for an Unforgettable Summer

Discover the top summer party ideas for your backyard, deck or patio to last the whole season, including menus, decorations and party themes.

8 Glow-in-the-Dark Party SuppliesIn less than six months, the season of flashing lights, summer glows, and unforgettable memories will arrive and we’ve gathered 8 party supplies summer parties in one place to help you create your own warm-weather get-together. From relaxed backyard dinners to elegant tea parties and fun-filled country hoedowns, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next bash.Whether it’s a summer festival or just a low key summer party glowsource.com has it all.

LED Pool Orb Light
Take pool parties to the next level with these LED Pool Orb Lights. They come in 6-modes and are multifunctional too. Use them as a table top decorative or even use them as trendy centerpieces.

Music Activated Bracelets
Step into a new beat with these unique music activated bracelets. This bracelet activates depending on sound intensity. The louder the environment the brighter it will pulse. This is perfect for all those summer music festivals.

LED Light Up Frisbee
Whether there is a big summer event to attend or a low key evening at the beach make sure to do it in style. These LED Light Up Frisbees will sure illuminate an otherwise low-key summer night.

Liquid Activated Shot Glass
Adult summer parties are not complete without alcohol. Surprise guests with these Liquid Activated Shot Glasses. Once liquid is poured the glass lights up and as soon as the drink is done it turns off. What better way to remind guests to go get that refill.

LED String Lights
Turn up the party with these LED String Lights. This 42” rope light is the perfect accent to any summer party. Stray away from the typical lighting options and go LED.

Glow Straws
These Glow Straws will keep children entertained while they drink up on those hot summer afternoons. Not only do these straws come in a wide variety of colors but the inner glow stick will move up and down as they drink.

Glow Body Paint
It is impossible to go unnoticed wearing this Glow Body Paint. With 24 hours of glow power it is guaranteed to make those who wear it shine bright all night.

Premium LED Sunglasses
Too cool for school? Well everyone can be the cool kid with these Premium LED Sunglasses. These glasses have different lighting modes and even gives different frame color options.

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