8 Things You Didn’t Know About Holiday Return Policies

Beware Of Returning Gift Cards. Gift cards are simple to use but hard to return.

“The best way to prepare for holiday returns is to learn about online and in-store return policies. Asking a customer service agent can be helpful, but it’s important to get policies in writing,” said Kase Chong Director of Marketing at Scambook,  the online complaint resolution platform.

The following are Scambook’s 8 tips to help consumers with their holiday returns:

1. Lost Receipt? Don’t Be Afraid To Ask. Receipts were part of the age-old policy and big retailers such as Macy’s and Target now have electronic copies.

2. Go Digital. Businesses such as Apply, Hertz, Oakley, Tumi and Whole Foods offer electronic receipts that can keep shoppers organized and save paper.

3. Check For Holiday Return Policies. The date an item was shipped can indicate which return policy is applicable. Retailers such as Amazon and Pottery Barn extend their holiday return policies.

4. Read The Return Policy Before Buying Online. Be sure to read the return policies or contact customer service before buying from an online store. Online return policies may differ from those in-store.

5. Know The Limits Of PayPal. Some retailers offer cash back or store credit for items purchased with PayPal and returned to a physical location.

6. Possibility of Lost Money For Promo Items. Returning an item that came with a promo item may call for return of all items or a price deduction from the refund.

7. Beware Of Returning Gift Cards. Gift cards are simple to use but hard to return. Returning may be banned but a few retailers may refund the money.

8. Be Prepared To Stay Together When Buying From Outlets. Buying an item from an outlet doesn’t mean returns can be made to their regular store so be sure to ask before items are purchased.

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