8 Tips for keeping pets safe during Halloween

Halloween can be fun & exciting for people but is a scary time for most pets, whether you have a dog, cat or bird.

Pet pieceCareful planning & consideration can help keep your pets out of harms’ way during the festivities.

Below are a few tips from the Animal Lovers Pet Shop in Torrance CA to help make this a safe & Happy Halloween for everyone.

1) Do not share any kind of candy with your pets. Chocolate and candies that contain the artificial sweetener Xylitol are highly dangerous & toxic for dogs, cats, & birds. Watch out for candy wrappers – the texture, bright colors & crinkly sounds are all natural attractions to your pets. If the wrappers are consumed they can cause internal injuries. If swallowed the foil can act like a razor or become lodged in the intestines & cause severe blockage. If your pet ingests chocolate, Xylitol or candy wrappers, please contact your veterinarian or a veterinary emergency.

2) Keep your pets away from lighted jack-o-lanterns. Birds may be attracted to it & try to climb in & out of the holes, possibly getting stuck or worse burned by the candle inside. Curious cats may knock over the pumpkin, running the risk of getting burned & potentially setting the house on fire. To remove these dangers, use glow sticks or a mini flashlight inside of the pumpkins.

3) Artificial spider webs are dangerous for all pets especially for birds. Birds can easily get their wings & nails entangled in the threads of the webs. If any pets ingest the webs this may cause severe intestinal problems.

4) Puppies & kittens may want to play with electrical cords/wires & birds love to perch on them. By leaving these items out for your pet to explore you run the risk of your pet chewing on them & possibly getting shocked. It is best to keep electrical cords & wires taped down.

5) On Halloween night, the constant ringing of the doorbell, people coming & going, noise & even children in costumes might seem unfamiliar & scary to your pets. This could stress your pet & cause unpredictable behavior. If your pet is well socialized you can allow them to interact but do so with caution. Remind kids that your pet may not recognize them in their costume, so it is best to be careful with familiar neighbor dogs. It would be best to keep your pet away from the doors leading to the outside. Instead place your pet in a separate room away from the activity. You can turn on the television to help drown out sounds of what is going on.

6) Owners of black cats & small breed dogs should take the extra precaution of keeping their pets inside around Halloween. This will help reduce the risk of someone abducting your pet for the use of sick pranks or sacrifices. If your pet is outdoors please be sure they are supervised or on a leash.

7) If you dress up your pet in a Halloween costume, be sure the costumes are safe & don’t constrict breathing or movement. Be aware that puppies & kittens love to chew & they could accidentally eat part of their costume, lodging an item in their throats or even causing intestinal blockage. Also, if your pet escapes while dressed up in a costume they could get caught on something and get hurt.

8) Lastly make sure that your pet has a current ID tag; this will help in the return of your pet in case the animal does get out.

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