Bernie Sanders announces second run for Presidency

Sanders officially announced his plans for a second campaign for president, despite losing the Democratic nomination in 2016 to Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders

It’s official: Sen. Bernie Sanders is running for president again. Sanders appears to be a frontrunner entering the Democratic primary season. He finished at or near the top of several very early 2020 polls, and those same polls have shown that he’s significantly more popular than President Trump. He joins Sens. Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Kamala Harris (CA) for the race to the White House.

His official announcement video was posted online Tuesday morning.

“I wanted to let the people of the state of Vermont know about this first,” Sanders told VPR’s Bob Kinzel. “And what I promise to do is, as I go around the country, is to take the values that all of us in Vermont are proud of — a belief in justice, in community, in grassroots politics, in town meetings — that’s what I’m going to carry all over this country.”

According to The Washington Post, the Sanders campaign will advocate for a Medicare-for-all health-care system, a Green New Deal in response to growing concerns about climate change and a $15-an-hour minimum wage for all Americans.

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