Bolt breezes through crash course in Russian

The “double-triple” star is seen in the brief video chilling-out and practising his newly-acquired language skills after training.

MOSCOW, Russia, Friday August 9, 2013 – Jamaican sprint icon Usain Bolt has been preparing for the world championships in Moscow in more ways than one, with a crash course in teach-yourself Russian tailored specifically for the 26-year-old’s unique circumstances and sense of humour.

As demonstrated in a promotional video on behalf of sponsors Puma, the “lightning” Bolt has mastered a few introductory Russian phrases as well as must-haves for a track legend such as: “My favourite colour is gold” and “Have the other guys crossed the line yet?”

The “double-triple” star is seen in the brief video chilling-out and practising his newly-acquired language skills after training.

On a more serious note, the six-time Olympic gold medallist has revealed that he is capable of breaking his own 100-metres world record, and is targeting “something special” by breaking the 19-second barrier for 200-metres at the championships which get underway this weekend.

Bolt set his record times of 9.58 seconds and 19.19 seconds, for the 100 and 200m respectively, at the world championships in Berlin four years ago and insists those times can be beaten.

“Yes, of course,” he said when asked about the 100m record. “It would require a technically almost perfect race, and for the weather conditions to be good, but I’m focused on getting myself in a physical condition where I’m capable of doing it.

“The 200-metre world record would be the one I’d really love to break again, to see if it’s maybe even possible to get it under 19 seconds. That would be something special.

“There’s still a lot more to come from me. My objective is to continue to win gold medals in my sport, all the way up to the 2016 Olympics. If I can do that and along the way continue to win gold medals and break records, then I will have proven myself and achieved what I have always set out to do.”

In a Q&A on behalf of Puma, Bolt also revealed that he is unconcerned about the threat from former world champion Justin Gatlin.

“I never think about just one competitor. There’s going to be seven other guys there in the blocks next to me and I’m running against all of them,” he said.

“They will be looking to challenge me and prove themselves, but I can’t think about the threat of one person. I have to focus on myself, my training and my preparation.”

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