Brazil’s Best to perform at the Greek Theater

Daniela Mercury makes her Greek Theater debut on October 13.

Born in the historic city of Salvador da Bahia, nearly two decades have passed since Daniela Mercury emerged as an artist of a singular musical genre.

One of the most internationally recognized female Brazilian performers of her generation,  Mercury will make her Greek Theater debut on October 13 with Canibália, her 11th International tour incorporating music from her new release of the same name.

Canibália is laced with a mix of pop, samba, bossa nova, reggae, axe, merengue, and salsa and is Mercury’s boldest and most radical new approach to Brazilian popular music.

In the past year, Daniela Mercury has sold-out in over 20 cities worldwide, and has performed Canibália for over 7 million people.

Mercury’s performances embody a beautiful and explosive celebration of the past, present and future of Latin music, and her remarkable artistry transforms every one of her concerts into an exhilarating night at Carnaval.


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