Ziggy Marley talks about new comic “Marijuanaman”

CaribPress caught up with Ziggy Marley during the launch of his new graphic novel called “Marijuanaman.”

Ziggy Marley "Marijuanaman"

CaribPress: What’s is going on in your life lately?
Ziggy: “I am a family man now, but I am still an artist making music, and have raised my consciousness level a bit more because of being a family man. I have decided to increase my involvement in the importance of raising my kids properly and being a good parent. My last project was the kids’ album that I work on called “Family Time.”

Does that mean that you are changing course and only getting involved in more serious matters?
“Not at all I have always balanced my career to include matters of importance to humanity, human rights, kids, and so forth. I come from a family tradition that always raises the importance of being a good human being mainly be good to other people and the earth. It is also a rasta tradition which is my belief.”

So what is the next project?
“I am currently promoting my new project, the publishing of a comic novel called “Marijuanaman.” Yes a comic book might sound like kids stuff but this is not. Some people might also find it unusual promoting a marijuana comic book, which to many people has a negative connotation. That’s how it is in many parts of the Western World, it is shown in a negative way, and therefore considered it something bad like other man made chemical drugs that are harmful to humans and the earth.”

Why a comic book? And why did you call it a “Marijuanaman”?
“I have always been interested in comic books since my childhood and the marijuana plant is an important part of Rastafari tradition. And it is not well understood by many people. For some it is known for its recreational use only but hemp or marijuana can be used for many other purposes. My motivation is mainly to clear the air so that people understand the importance of this plant. It can be found in abundance on earth, plus it can be used to produce many other products that we need for our daily necessities. Such as energy, medicine, rope, clothing, paper and so forth. It is a natural herb with very minimal side effects to the body when used properly. It is a well out-lined and funny graphic novel with a very serious message.”

Is there anything else you are working on currently?

“I have a new album coming out June 14th called “Wild and Free”. A collection of songs that I think is one of the best I’ve made so far.” “Woody Harrelson and my oldest son, Daniel Marley also sing on the album.”

Thank you.

“Thanks and God bless.”

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