CaribPress Spotlight: Ziggy Marley, eldest son of the Legendary Bob and Rita Marley

Another milestone for Ziggy Marley, most recently he snagged a Daytime Emmy for outstanding original song for his children’s book, “I Love You Too”.

The five-time Grammy-winning musician, most recently picked up his first Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Original Song – Children and Animation, “I Love You Too”.  Philanthropist, singer-songwriter, producer and reggae icon Ziggy Marley has released fifteen albums to much critical acclaim.

An immensely talented Jamaican international artist, Ziggy Marley occupied the position front-and-center for his beloved band, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers in the ‘80s.  Since that time, he has sustained a productive solo career over the years adding ‘author’ to his vast repertoire, Marley penned his first ever comic book entitled MARIJUANAMAN and added children’s book author to his list of credits entitled, “I Love You Too”.  Recently Ziggy started Ziggy Marley Organics, a GMO-free product line including flavored coconut oils and hemp seed snacks.

Recently, Ziggy Marley talked with CaribPress about hosting Reggae at the Hollywood Bowl and opened on being the eldest son of Bob and Rita Marley.

CaribPress: You are the host for Reggae at the Hollywood Bowl, talk about how this relationship developed?

Ziggy Marley: We wanted to be appreciative of artists, shining the light beyond my father’s popularity, something I think that he would have appreciated.  Showcase reggae artists, to provide a more in depth view of their music.  My father was very open, he shared time and space with everyone.  He never saw himself as big as how people saw him.  He was very humble about his position.  We just want to share the history of reggae music.

CPress: What’s it like being Bob and Rita Marley’s eldest son?

ZM: The first son in our culture has a special place in the hearts of the parents.  But, I don’t really think of myself as being the eldest son. You know, just to be a child of my parents has been a good experience.

CPress: Your father has a very unique legacy.  What legacy would you hope to leave behind?

ZM: I hope my legacy is selfless and loving.  It’s all about love, as love is the fundamental of who I am.

CPress: What was the best thing your dad taught you?

ZM:  Well, I think the best thing my father taught me was discipline, which in life it is very important to have discipline, health and fortitude, as well as persevering through difficulties along the way.


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