CEO of Merck & Co. makes the list of most influential blacks in corporate America

The list is created by Savoy Magazine, a cultural catalyst for the African-American community that showcases and drives positive dialogue on and about Black culture.

Savoy MagazineSavoy magazine announced their 2018 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America listing in the upcoming Spring issue.

The magazine’s spring issue features a double cover series featuring Kenneth C. Frazier, CEO of Merck & Co., with an alternate cover featuring Chadwick Boseman, star of the Hollywood blockbuster Black Panther by Marvel Studios.

Selection of the “Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America” begins by examining the landscape of spheres of influence impacting Savoy’s readership including: corporate sector influence, scholastic achievement, career growth, community outreach and recognition. The information received from over 500 prospective candidates in diverse fields was pre-screened by the selection committee.

Savoy’s full 2018 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America listing is available online as of Monday, March 19.

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