Coronavirus causes spike in cybercrime

Criminals are disguising themselves as staff from the World Health Organization (WHO) to steal money or sensitive information.


Popular phishing and malware scams tend to follow global trends and current events and the Wold Health Organization has reported several  suspicious email messages attempting to take advantage of the 2019 novel coronavirus emergency. This fraudulent action is called phishing and they are warning people to be aware.

These “Phishing” emails appear to be from WHO, and will ask you to not only give sensitive information, such as usernames or passwords but to also click a malicious link or open a malicious attachment. Using this method, criminals can install malware or steal sensitive information. Criminals use email, websites, phone calls, text messages, and even fax messages for their scams.

The organization published a piece on their site to prevent phishing and are asking people to ensure they verify the sender by checking their email address. and to make sure the sender has an email address such as ‘’ If there is anything other than ‘’ after the ‘@’ symbol, this sender is not from WHO.

A California-based cybersecurity firm also reported that criminal groups are exploiting fears over the outbreak in an email phishing campaign directed at the global shipping industry.

China’s National Health Commission said 2,345 people have died in the country from the new coronavirus, known as Covid 19 which has infected 76,288 people.

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