Cudjue and Tutu in Los Angeles

Cudjue and Tutu look for work in the big city…

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  1. terry wilson says:

    Good to know Lyndon has kept the faith and to see brown-eye handsome men in the comics. Not many unless it is mainstream.

    I also like the patois of the characters too.

    Also there are more of the diaspora in Los Angeles than ‘African Americans’ and it is about time this was recognized more, Had I an oldies station it would also have Calypso, Ska, Rock Steady, Hi-Life, as well as US R&B, but more of what actually exist in the community and not just what is most known on the most commercial US charts.

  2. Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts. A long way between them.

  3. ljohnson says:

    Your are welcome, you can go ahead and use it.nn1

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