Democratic Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer Endorses LA Criminal Justice Reform Ballot Measure

Steyer joins Senator Bernie Sanders in Endorsing Reform L.A. Jails

Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer

Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer

(Los Angeles, CA) During his visit to Compton on Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer endorsed the Reform L.A. County Jails ballot measure which is aimed at providing healthcare for people living with mental illness by stopping the jail expansion in Los Angeles County and giving the Sheriff’s Department’s Civilian Oversight Commission the subpoena power necessary to ensure transparency and accountability.  Steyer’s endorsement came during a discussion with Compton’s mayor Aja Brown about resident’s priorities and their hope that national leadership will listen to the needs and concerns of some of the nation’s most critical–and marginalized–people.

Steyer joins fellow presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders who endorsed the ballot measure last year during a visit to Los Angeles.  Los Angeles County is home to the nation’s largest jail system. If the measure succeeds on March 3, 2020, the largest dollar amount in history will be moved out of corrections and into public health.

“We are thrilled that Tom has endorsed our critical ballot measure,” said Patrisse Cullors, Reform L.A. Jails campaign chair and co-founder of Black Lives Matter. “We’ve been deeply impressed with the ways he has engaged our communities.  It’s important to have presidential candidates weigh-in on critical local issues like criminal justice reform as evident in the first-ever presidential Justice Votes 2020 Presidential Town Hall for Democratic candidates to present their criminal justice reform platforms to an audience of formerly incarcerated leaders.  What we’re doing in Los Angeles County with criminal justice reform and more importantly how we’re doing it–is unprecedented.”

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