Dancehall Legend Reggae Artist/Actor Louie Rankin Dies in Car Crash

Rankin was involved in a fatal car accident in Ontario which involved a transport truck and another car which all collided.

Dj Khalid and Louie Rankin

Dj Khalid and Louie Rankin. Courtesy DJ Khalid’s Instagram Page.

Leonard Forbes popularly known as Louie Rankin was killed in a car accident in Canada on Monday, September 30. Louie Rankin was born 1963 in the parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica and grew up in Rockfort, Warika Hill and East Kingston. His hit song was “Typewriter,” released in 1992 and stars in movies such as Belly (1998), “Shotta” (2002) and “We Run These Streets” in 2014. Louie Rankin work with DJ Khalid, DMX and Nas.

The fatal accident in Ontario involved a transport truck and his car collided.

The Dancehall legend was working on another movie in Toronto the day before the crash. His Instagram page reads, “The Original Don DaDa On Set Shooting A Major Movie in Toronto with iHouseRecords.”

“Louie Rankin was also in the process of working on a new album,” said veteran Lord Sassafras. Rankin called Sassafras a week before the accident to do a collaboration on his new project. They lived about 5 minutes apart in Canada and said the dancehall fraternity will miss a legend.

He leaves behind wife, Jewlz Skykes (Julie Skyles) from Jamaica been together for more than 30 years and seven children.

Originally when this story was run it stated Louie Rankin won a Grammy Awards but was confirmed from the Grammy Board that they have no record to show of Rankin winning the Grammy Award.

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