Group B Results: 2012 CONCACAF Men’s U-23 Olympic Qualifying

Honduras 3 Panama 1; Mexico 7 Trinidad & Tobago 1

Mexico 7 vs. T&T 1 / Honduras 3 vs. Panama 1

Honduras 3 Panama 1

Honduras move ahead of Panama with a 3-1 win.

Panama vs. Honduras was a good opening match.  Both teams seem to stock up evenly against each other.

Although Honduras beat Panama 3 goals to 1, it was a challenging endeavor for the South American squad.  Honduras was the first to earn 3 points in Group B competition.

At half–time, Honduras left the pitch with the only goal up on the scoreboard. Eddie Hernandez put in the first goal in the competition securing the lead half-time.

In the second half, the Honduras squad didn’t waste time to put the second point on the scoreboard.

Alexander Lopez 2nd goal came within the 51 minutes of play.

Marcos Sanchez brought back hope for the Panamanian with a lone goal in 62 minutes of the game, making the score 2 goals to 1.

The Panamanians saw their chances reduce as the opportunity for a one point became too difficult to accomplish and remained flat footed until the end of the match.

Another goal from Honduran striker in the 78th minute.

Panama had a very talented, energetic and robust squad. They traded fair passes, shots to goal but were denied a chance to beat a better passing, strategically able to find spaces in heavy traffic, confident, focus and a discipline team.

The day before the match all teams were given a chance to familiarize themselves with the pitch and the media were invited to get a 15 minute close up glimpse of the teams and interview opportunities at their scheduled training.

All the teams came out ready in their cleats and did their 30 to 45 minutes work-out session except one, Panama.   They used the opportunity to do a photo shoot session on the pitch.  This could have contributed to the Panamanians’ loss.  And used the actual match day with Honduras as their first time test run on the pitch and may have put them at a disadvantage.

Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) 1 Mexico 7

Mexico beat down Trinidad & Tobago with 7 to 1 Victory.  Did they have something to prove?

Mexico demolished Trinidad & Tobago with 7 goals to 1 in a 90 minutes plus match.

After watching the opener doubleheader games with Panama vs. Honduras and Trinidad & Tobago vs. Mexico, I am convinced of that teams that will see the final.

On April 7th there is a good chance that we may be seeing a Mexico vs. United States Under-23 Men’s Olympic Qualifying final.

These two teams with the next generation of footballers have something to prove.

Who are the real champions in this region?

Only one champion will be sitting in the driver’s seat heading to the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

The Caribbean squad of T&T was no match for Mexico who dominated the entire 90 minutes of play.

It was a very easy win for Mexicans as they run over the Trinidadians who did not show up on game day.

The young Soca Warriors didn’t have a game plan to beat Mexico. They spent both halves chasing the ball, while the skilled Mexican squad executed their flawless long and short passes as they move the ball forward always in the attacking mode.

Majority of the game was played in the T&T 18 yard box.

At half time, both teams left the pitch with Mexico having 2 goals to none on the scoreboard.

Mexican #19 Alan Pulido scored in the 29 minute after 6th consecutive corner kicks.

Marco Fabian #10 followed with the second goal in 34 minutes, assisted by Miguel Ponce #16.

In the 2nd half, Mexico returned to pitch more confident and within the 51st minute a 3rd goal was contributed by Diego Reyes #13 with an assist by Hiram Mier #3.

Marco Fabian scored his 2nd goal in the 69 minute, assisted by Javier Cortes #7.

Six minutes later, Israel Jimenez #2 put the 5th goal on the scoreboard.

Ten minutes later, Marco Fabian had his hat trick by putting his team 6 goals to none ahead T&T.

In the 88th minute, the persistent Trinidad & Tobago #10 Kevin Molino ruin Mexico goalkeeper’s clean sheet opportunity with a lone goal for the Caribbean team.

The 7th goal was sealed by Mexico #7 Javier Cortes with an assist by #19 Alan Pullido.

Ending the game with a Mexico landslide victory of 7 goals to 1.

Jamaican Referee Raymond Bogle handed out one yellow card violation to Trinidad & Tobago #8 Jeromie Williams in the 55th minute.

Stats from the game:         T&T                MEX

Goal Attempts –                     7/(3)                35/(18)

Shots on Target:                   2/(1)                15/(6)

Saves                                     3/(1)                1/(1)

Fouls                                      16/(6)              5/(1)

Corner Kicks                         2/(0)                14/(10)

Offsides                                 2/(2)                0/(0)

*The number inside the bracket means 1st half and the un-bracketed numbers represent the count for the entire game.

The next doubleheader at the Home Depot Center continues on Sunday, March 25th.

Panama takes on Trinidad & Tobago at 1:30pm PST.

And Mexico goes up against a promising Honduran squad at 4pm PST.

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