Hip Hop Bonnie and Clyde Power Couple Is Spotted – ‘On The Run’ In Trenchtown

After leaving Jamaica the Bonnie and Clyde hip hop power couple will be preparing for their 2018 Europe and USA tour.

Jay Z and Beyonce On The Run in Trenchtown, Jamaica

Jay Z and Beyonce On The Run in Trenchtown, Jamaica

On Tuesday, Beyonce and Jay Z created a big buzz in the social media space with their presence in Jamaica.

The couple flew into the Kingston on Sunday.

They were seen in the island’s capital, shooting their ‘On The Run’ Part 2 music video in the legendary Bob Marley’s Kingston town.un 2

In 2003, Jay and Bey released their first music video together titled, ‘Bonnie and Clyde,’ now the sequel continues with a scenic view of the western Kingston’s ghetto as their backdrop.

Several video clips circulated on WhatsApp’s social space showing Jay riding a Wassy’s brand CG-150 bike with Queen B clanging on to her Brooklyn rudeboy as he led a gang of Jamaican bikers cruising through the Western Kingston’s garrison. Bey was seen wearing a bright pink shoe and fishnet leggings, with hair blowing in the tropical Caribbean breeze. During the shoot, Bey had to tough it out by doing a wardrobe change in a local business-a barber shop on the route, reported Music News reporter K’Shema Francis from Iriefm.net.

This is Jay-Z’s second trip to the Trenchtown community in few short months. He was also seen on the Jam Rock reggae 2017 cruise and did a track with Damian Marley on his 4.44 album. After this video shoot, the superstar couple will be getting ready for their 2018 Europe and USA tour.

Last week, the Bonnie and Clyde hip-hop power couple announced ‘On The Run’ tour II which set to kick off in the UK on June 6th, and then continue their North American leg commence on July 25th.

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