Jamaican Independence Day is celebrated worldwide

The Colony of Jamaica gained independence from the United Kingdom on 6 August 1962.

JamaicaFestival_songs_competition_600x300Today Jamaicans across the globe celebrated the independence of their home nation from British rule.

It was on August 6h  that the Parliament of the United Kingdom signed the Jamaica Independence Act, ending British rule of the Caribbean island. The Queen remains the head of state and Jamaica is still part of the Commonwealth, but the country has now held independence for over 50 years.

Jamaica officially gained its independence on 6 August 1962, meaning it has been an independent nation for 56 years to this day.

The Jamaica Constitution 1962 is the most fundamental legal document in the country, guaranteeing the freedom, rights and privileges of every Jamaican citizen. The Constitution reflects the country’s independence as a nation state and, to this day, remains the cornerstone of the island’s legal systems and institutions.

The Constitution took effect on August 6,1962 when Jamaica gained political independence from Britain, after more than 300 years of British colonial rule. Since 1962 – when Jamaica first gained independence – the island’s spirit, rhythm and passion for life has infected everything from music to the food and the cultural influence of this Caribbean gem is undeniable.

To commemorate the day, the British Prime Minister Theresa May took to Twitter to send out a message acknowledging “Jamaicans in the UK.”

Theresa May


Today marks 56 years of Jamaican independence. The contribution of Jamaicans in the UK and abroad is huge – long may that continue "</p

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