Jamaican Prime Minister addressed Jamaicans Home and Abroad

Jamaican prime minister addressed the diaspora and Jamaicans at home in his 2020–New Year’s video message.


Jamaica’s Prime Minister addressed the diaspora and Jamaicans at home in a 2020 video message.

In the opening of his new year’s video presentation, after wishing everyone a happy new year he mentioned the passing of the late Honorable Edward Seaga, and spend a lengthy time addressing the high homicide rates with the implementation of the state of emergency, SOE across several parishes, although the island have seen over 1300 murders in 2019. He also said what his administration is doing to combat the issue and his commitment in bringing down the high crime rate.

Jamaica’s youngest prime minister, The Most Honorable Andrew Micheal Holness, ON MP (47yrs) boasted about the development that had taken placed under his administration, the building of several new high ways completed and some in process.

The new year’s video message listed all that he has done in 2019 and during his leadership. He has been in office since March 3, 2016, when he won following the 2016 election for the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP. Holness previously served as prime minister from October 2011 to January 5, 2012. He was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica’s first capital before it was move to Kingston in 1872.

In 15th century, Jamaica’s capital was Jago de la Vega and then Spanish Town. The town is known as the oldest continuously inhabited city of Jamaica. Spanish Town was the capital from 1534 to 1655 under the Spanish occupation then was changed to Kingston after the English captured the island in 1655 from the Spanish.

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