Joe Cool: Jamaica’s Go To Tour Guide

“I like showing people around and sharing with them the best of Jamaica and having them experience the country,” shares Engelbert Ramcharan.

YS falls - A popular Jamaican attraction

The trams outside YS Falls are usually filled with tourist groups seeking to bask in the scenic warmth of Jamaica’s top tourist attraction and glide through natural pools and waterfalls, but today there’s a difference. There are just three of us – and our guide, 42-year-old Engelbert Ramcharan, owner of Joe Cool Taxi and Tours, a company offering experiences for travelers who want to move beyond the herd.

Each year, thousands of tourists visit the picturesque popular attraction, which despite its size can sometimes feel extremely crowded, but he knows just when and where to go to avoid the onslaught of fellow tourists and it’s this specialty that sets his company apart from other tour operators.Engelbert Ramcharan, owner of Joe Cool Taxi and Tours

“Whenever I am going on a tour I try to go early,” shares Ramcharan, who named the company after a nickname he adopted during his early days working at the Beaches Resort. “Because of the crowds, I like to go when it just opens and no one will be there as other tour operators won’t want to be up that early and I know people like it without crowds.”

Joe Cool Taxi and Tours, which was founded in 2011, is already well established in Jamaica and offers tours across the country’s 14 parishes.

Some tours, Ramcharan, a YS fallsHanover native, handles himself and others he entrusts to his local drivers, who have extensive knowledge of all local parishes and thus ensures an authentic and personalized tour.

Since launching the company six years ago, the former water sports instructor has seen it grow from a shoestring operation to a business with seven vehicles of all sizes, which can accommodate large travel groups.  With repeat customers from six continents and a slew of outdoor activities, from waterfalls, rivers, blue holes, lagoons, soaring blue peaks to a night on the town with a local DJ, his company offers entertaining and informative tours. There’s Wi-Fi, available for the traveler on the go, phone charging facilities and a cooler loaded with cold drinks, all ensuring the tourists practical needs are completely catered to.

“I like showing people around and sharing with them the best of Jamaica and having them experience the country.”

The best tour guides bring a destination to life with their passion, storytelling and wit and Joe Cool Taxi and Tours certainly excels in this area.

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