Judgment Day for Gold Cup 2015 Finally Arrives

UPDATED July 27: Judgment Day proved unfavorable for Jamaica as the underdog Reggae Boyz suffered a 3:1 defeat to Mexico.

Mexico will face off with USA on October 9 at the Rose Bowl to determined the Confederation Cup’s berth.



UPDATED July 27: Judgment Day proved unfavorable for Jamaica as the underdog Reggae Boyz suffered a 3:1 defeat to Mexico. A disappointing loss for Reggae Boyz but a proud moment for Jamaica being the first Caribbean national soccer team to make it to the Gold Cup Finals. The 2015 tournament ends with Mexico earning its 7th Gold Cup Championship.

As the new 2015 champions, Mexico will face off with USA at the Rose Bowl on October 9th to be the team that will earn the CONCACAF berth in the 2017t FIFA Confederations Cup. USA was the winner of the 2013 Gold Cup.


PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – The CONCACAF Gold Cup campaign that started 20 days ago is now on it’s last leg. Today Jamaica’s “Reggae Boyz” will face off with Mexico’s “El Tri” on the pitch at Lincoln Financial filed in Philadelphia at 7:30pm EST (4:30pm California time). The sixty-nine thousands plus venue is expected to be sold out.

Ten teams have been sent home from this Gold Cup Tournament including the reigning champs, the USNMT who will have to watch the finals from a distance.

At end of today either Jamaica’s “Reggae Boyz” or Mexico’s team will walk away with the prestigious Gold Cup trophy plus US $1M first prize. The winner of the tournament will be dubbed the best football team in North America, Central America and the Caribbean region. The second place team will earn a $500,000.00 purse.

On Wednesday, the Reggae Boyz advanced to the final and made history by defeating US 2:1 to become the first Caribbean nation to go a Gold Cup final. The Boyz beat both hosts Canada and USA on their home pitches. Before that, the US team had not lost to a Caribbean team on it’s own turf since 1969 when Haiti defeated the US 1:0 in San Diego.

Mexico, a powerhouse team that has won 6 Gold Cup championships, took an unconventional route reach the 2015 Gold Cup Finals. El Tri finished second in Group C and managed to advance despite some controversial calls in the matches against Costa Rica and Panama. But Mexico’s determination to earn a 7th title today cannot be underestimated.

Jamaica and Mexico have crossed paths but not played against each other in the South America tournament until today. Ironically, just a month ago both teams were invited to participate in Copa America 2015. It was the first Copa America appearance for the Boyz who gave an impressive performance on the pitch while Mexico was the first team to eliminate from the competition.

Both teams completed 5 games in the Gold Cup tournament with Mexico giving up 5 goals to Jamaica’s 3. This record indicates that the Boyz are better defenders in this tournament. The Boyz are very effective on their backline keeping off goals, something we have seen throughout the tournament. If the Boyz can keep this up they will certainly make history again by walking away with the Gold Cup.

But Mexico’s frontline will prove to be a tough fight for the Boyz. El Tri is a quick and persistent team and known to be tough competitors when a title is on the line.

According to the Jamaica Observer, USNMT coach Jurgen Klinsmann told Jamaica’s coach Winfried Schafer that the Boyz are playing fantastic, organized and disciplined German style football with Jamaican passion and heart. Coach Schafer said in a news conference that the Reggae Boyz will celebrate their victory with Bob Marley music.

Like Usain Bolt who shocked the world when he became the fastest man on the planet, the 76th ranked Reggae Boyz are poised to captivate worldwide attention today by defeating 40th ranked Mexico in the 2015 Gold Cup.

As Bob Marley said “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.”

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