“Kevin Hart is one of the funniest human beings I have ever met,” says Josh Gad

Josh Gad stars alongside the comedian and actor in the hilarious buddy comedy, “The Wedding Ringer.”

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad

In the film, comedian and actor Kevin Hart plays Jimmy, a wisecracking entrepreneur who makes a living hiring himself out as a best man to grooms with no buddies. Josh Gad is Doug, the rich loser who is getting married in ten days who hires the “professional best man” Jimmy to pose as an old friend in the week leading up to his nuptials. With the bride’s wedding party consisting of seven bridesmaids, Jimmy is forced to dig deep into his arsenal of talent to fill the seven spots that will become Doug’s groomsmen.

Josh Gad;Affion Crockett

Kevin Hart (“Ride Along,” “Get Hard”) and Josh Gad (“The Internship,” “Pixels”) make an entertaining duo and play off each other’s delivery comic style in the film which is littered with gut wrenching humor and pokes fun at gays, Jewish, and Latino stereotypes.


“He’s a funny guy and great actor,” continues Gad about Hart (pictured above). “In fact, he is a trained thespian and this is a guy who’s put years and time into his craft from Broadway to television and now he’s doing it on the big screen.”

Josh Gad;Affion Crockett;Jorge Garcia

A comedy team is only as funny as the situations they’re in and there are plenty of ripe and raucous scenarios, which deliver laughs. There’s a wild bachelor party, a crazy car chase sequence and a great talent that keeps firing on all comedic and creative cylinders.


“It really is a buddy comedy between Jimmy and Doug so we need audiences to love seeing Kevin and Josh together,” says director Jeremy Garelick. “Audiences are going to fall in love with a new comedy team and laugh their ass off.”

Rated R for crude and sexual content, language throughout, some drug use and for brief graphic nudity, the film releases on Blu-ray and DVD April 28.

The Blu-ray features an hour of all-new bonus materials, including 15 deleted scenes, five laugh-out-loud outtake reels, as well as 14 minutes of the cast’s alternate takes of jokes during filming.

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