LA Galaxy Postgame Quote Sheet: LA Galaxy vs. Portland Timbers | March 4, 2018

LA Galaxy vs. Portland Timbers postgame Notes and Quotes. Galaxy Head Coach Sigi Schimd had this to say on the team’s defensive performance, “I thought our defensive work was good. I thought [David] Bingham was solid in goal, I thought [Michael] Ciani and Joregn [Skjelvik] were good together, that was fantastic.”


On the win:

“We wanted to get a victory, so getting three points is the most important thing. I know sometimes it looked a little parlous in the back there, but that doesn’t matter to me. We also had enough opportunity at the other end to score another four or five. So, It’s still about finishing those chances, making good use of them. I was happy with our team effort, our willingness to battle for each other and play for each other I thought was outstanding.”

On Romain Alessandrini’s injury and Ola Kamara’s performance:

“On Romain [Alessandrini] first, we really don’t know at this stage. With Ola [Kamara] obviously he scored the goal which is something we want him to do, but I don’t know if the one where he gets played in by Sebastian [Lleget] he’s offside, but you can see how he’s constantly a threat to get behind the opponents defense, and he also combined well and laid some people on.”

On the impact of Portland Timbers midfielder Diego Valeri:

“I thought [Diego] Valeri did very well. Obviously, he’s a fantastic player, [Diego] Valeri, but I thought [Diego] Valeri’s influence on this game was not as great as other games where you’ve seen [Diego] Valeri play. I thought [David] Guzman had a bigger influence, because the ball wasn’t going to [Diego] Valeri, they were playing more through [Sebastian] Blanco and more through [David]Guzman, I think whenever you can force them not to build their whole game through Diego Valeri I think it’s a benefit, and obviously kitchen had a lot to do with that.”

On Emanuel Boateng’s performance:

“Ema [Boateng] was dangerous, he’s fantastic, his speed. We’ve been asking him to use his speed more to take people on, to make runs with and without the ball to get behind, and I think today he showed that. Now the final stage for Ema [Boateng] is to finish what he starts. So, if he could finish what he starts, he probably wouldn’t be playing for us anymore, he’d be playing in Europe. But you know, we need him to do that. His willingness to come back and help defend, he made a couple of good defensive plays, but its also his willingness to now run without the ball, I think his game has taken another jump. It’s good.”

On getting Sebastian Lleget into the game:

“Well with Romain [Alessandrini] going down we brought in [Chris] Pontius first. Then we just brought in [Sebastian] Lleget, because we felt some of our guys were getting tired. We felt Gio [Dos Santos] and Ema [Boateng] had put in a lot of miles so we wanted to get them off a little bit, and with the last sub we wanted to secure it defensively, so we probably wouldn’t of made that sub that early for Romain[Alessandrini].”

On having Sebastian Lleget back on the field:

“Fantastic. He almost got a goal. He’s probably a yard or two away from getting goal at the back post. He should’ve had an assist on the ball he slips through to [Ola] Kamara, I was standing in line with it, so to me it looked onside, but I’m not as good as our assistant referees, who are outstanding by the way.”

On the Galaxy’s Defensive performance:

“I thought our defensive work was good. I thought [David] Bingham was solid in goal, I thought [Michael] Ciani and Joregn [Skjelvik] were good together, that was fantastic. We didn’t manage the game well I thought in the last 15 minutes or so, that’s the time point in the game where maybe you go into the corners a bit more, you go wider a little bit, and we were almost too anxious to try and get the third. Yeah, you want to get the third and put them away, but you also want to make the right decisions. Ashley [Cole] was good at his side, he stayed, but Rolf [Feltscher] ended up pushing up at times where he made it difficult.”

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