Love the One You’re With: Five Reasons To Watch

The play stars Nadine Ellis, Kiki Haynes, Carl Payne and Brad James and is available on DVD and digital download.

Love the one you're withFunny, touching and beautifully acted this stage play aptly blends comedy and melodrama as it follows three sisters who have made a solemn pact never to let a man stop them from achieving their dreams.

Starring Nadine Ellis, Kiki Haynes, Kelly Jenerette, D.B. Woodside, Carl Payne, Brad James, and Ronreaco Lee, here are five reasons why it’s a must see.

1. It traces the relationships of three sisters over several weeks and salutes the inner work that needs to be done to keep love and commitment alive.

2. It’s a play that goes straight to the heart thanks to the emotionally vibrant performances of a great ensemble cast.

3. Writer and director Patricia Cuffie-Jones sets up relatable situations and clearly understands human flaws and how they play out in various relationships.

4. It’s an enormously enjoyable and engaging offering.

5. It’s a journey of self-discovery with a perfect blend of comedy and tearful drama.

‘Love the One You’re With’ is available on DVD and digital

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