Mavado claims he was ill-treated at an upscale New York eatery

Mavado accuses the Chinese eatery, Philippe Chow, of treating him shabbily because he’s black.


Jamaican musician, actor, singer and music producer Mavado claims he was treated like a bum and even verbally abused at a fancy Asian restaurant … simply because he’s black.

According to TMZ, he visited the upscale restaurant  Philippe Chow in NYC for lunch Thursday with his family, when he was curiously put in the back of the restaurant, even though it was pretty much empty.

Mavado says he didn’t complain and merely ordered his meal, but says when he walked over to another empty table and had someone in his family take a pic of him that’s when a manager said he couldn’t sit at that table because they were expecting guests.

He claims the manager added he was prohibited from using his phone and that claims all of the food came out at once and told the entertainment website that he felt like they wanted to get him out. Things escalated when his wife tried sending the rice back. He says the manager came over and wasn’t pleased.

Mavado accuses the restaurant of treating him shabbily because he’s black, and says the manager allegedly slammed the bill on the table and told him never to come back.

He claims his manager was later contacted by the restaurant and they profusely apologized, saying they didn’t know he was a famous person.  Mavado says he’ll never go back.

As for the restaurant, we called and a manager said, “We are talking to Mavado’s people and we have no comment.”

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