Meet Crossfire’s new co-host

Van Jones is the new co-host of CNN’s highly rated political show.

A show that initially ran on CNN from 1982 to 2005 when it was canceled, “Crossfire”  examined political and social issues in a televised debate.

Conservative Pat Buchanan and liberal Tom Braden were the original hosts of the program, but over the years the show featured various hosts from the right and from the left, including Robert Novak, Tucker Carlson, James Carville and Paul Begala.

The show will relaunch this fall with Van Jones as the new co-host. Hosting from the right will be Newt Gingrich and S.E. Cupp, with Stephanie Cutter and Jones hosting from the left.

A Yale-educated attorney and author of two best-selling books; “The Green Collar Economy” and “Rebuild the Dream,” Jones previously worked as the green jobs advisor for the Obama administration.  An outspoken political commentator with a long  track record of activism and deep community involvement, he is the recipient of numerous awards  including: the World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leader” designation.

“Few programs in the history of CNN have had the kind of impact on political discourse that Crossfire did – it was a terrific program then, and we believe the time is right to bring it back and do it again,” said Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide. “We look forward to the opportunity to host passionate conversation from all sides of the political spectrum.  Crossfire will be the forum where America holds its great debates.”

“Crossfire” airs on CNN weekdays at 6:30pm ET.

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