Michelle Obama’s memoir sells 1.4 million copies

The book “Becoming” sold more than 1.4 million copies in first week.

The Obama family

The former first lady’s memoir about her Chicago roots and her time in the White House  has sold millions of copies in all formats during the first seven days since it hit shelves on November 13 according to publisher Penguin Random House, which announced the milestone on Wednesday.

After five printings of the hardcover edition, there will be 3 million copies in print in the Canada and the U.S., the publisher said.
This feat follows another milestone earlier in the week, when Barnes & Noble announced that “Becoming” gave the bookseller “the biggest first-week sales of any book this year.”
Until November, that title belonged to Bob Woodward’s Trump administration dissection, “Fear,” which came out in September. But “Becoming” had even stronger sales in its first week, the bookseller said.
Beyond just this year, B&N said “Becoming” had “the best first-week sales of an adult book since ‘Go Set a Watchman’ published in July, 2015.”
It has been nearly two years since the Obamas left the White House, but there is still intense interest in the former president and first lady.
“Becoming” remains No. 1 on the online lists kept by both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.
A series of TV interviews on network morning shows has boated sales of the book  as all the interest in the title — plus her nationwide arena tour — has stoked new speculation about her political prospects and if there is any chance she will run for political office.

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