Mississippi ranks as worst State to live in for women

A comprehensive analysis considered how each State fared on women’s lives on issues from healthcare, economics, government and education.

Mississippi has earned the distinction of being the worst state for women, according to a comprehensive examination of the best and worst states for women by iVillage, the largest content-driven online community for women.

The five worst states for women were revealed today on iVillage, rounding out the rankings of all 50 states, which were unveiled over the past 10 days starting with the best.

The five worst states for women out of all 50 – along with a sampling of facts that contributed to their place at the bottom – are:

46. Kentucky – Kentucky’s female poverty rate is among the country’s highest

47. West Virginia – Less than one in five women has a four-year college degree

48. Arkansas – Arkansas has no female representation in Congress

49. Oklahoma – Nearly 25% of women in Oklahoma lack health insurance

50. Mississippi – The lowest-ranked state in the study lays claim to the highest rate of female poverty, the lowest median earnings, and the highest percentage of overweight and obese women. Mississippi also ranks in the bottom 10 on college graduation rate, health insurance coverage and political representation.

“Healthcare, jobs, childcare — we know from the conversations on our site that these are the things that matter most to women,” said Angela Matusik, iVillage Chief Content Executive and Editorial Director of iVote. “We looked at all the states and found that they are NOT all created equal when it comes to quality of life for women. In addition to lively debate, we hope that our 50 States list inspires women to get involved, take action and make sure their needs are being represented by elected officials.”

iVillage’s thorough examination took into account criteria including healthcare and wellness, economic well-being, parenting support, education, female representation in government, and reproductive rights to compile the ranking.

The five best states for women according to iVillage’s analysis are Connecticut (#1), Hawaii (#2), Maryland (#3), Massachusetts (#4) and California (#5.) A full list can be found at iVote.


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