Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique accuses Netflix of sexism

Netflix says it does not comment on contract negotiations.

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Mo’Nique claims Netflix severely short-changed her during negotiations for a comedy special … and she says the proof is in how much some other comedians got paid for specials.

The Oscar winner told TMZ Friday … Netflix offered her $500k, but she rejected the offer in light of the fact Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock pocketed eight figures. Mo’Nique’s not just walking away from the table though … she’s now calling for a boycott of Netflix.

She strongly believes this is case of racism and sexism — especially because she’d stack her resume in comedy up against anyone else. In 2015,  Mo’Nique told  The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that the reason she’s only appeared in one film since her 2010 Oscar win is because she was “blackballed.” Since then, she has been in two movies playing Ma Rainey in the TV movie “Bessie,” “Interwoven” and “Almost Christmas” two years ago.

In 2010, Mo’Nique said herself that she refused to play the awards-season game, boldly electing not to attend the endless stream of brunches, luncheons, dinners, cocktail parties, and Q&As that make up the Oscar circuit. “President Barack Obama had to campaign because he had something to prove: that he could do it,” she told David Carr of the New York Times during the lead-up to the Academy Awards. “Well, the performance is on the screen. So at what point am I still trying to prove something?” (At the time, it should be noted, the entertainer was busy enough taping a daily talk show in Atlanta, BET’s The Mo’Nique Show.) And for the same piece, Daniels seemed supportive of Mo’Nique’s decision, adding, “We are in our bubble, and we pay no attention to any talk about what she should and not be doing right now.”

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