Mo’Nique addresses Hollywood Controversy

The 2010 best supporting actress winner for film ‘Precious’ says she is ‘not demanding’.

Roland Martin with Mo'Nique Photo Credit Lindsey Wright : TV One and The FrontPage Firm

The actress and comedian who first gained fame for her role as Nikki Parker on the UPN series “The Parkers” and went on to win an Academy award in 2010 is fighting back.

Mo’Nique claimed she was “blackballed” from Hollywood after winning the Best Supporting Actress in 2010 for her performance as an abusive mother in Lee Daniels’ “Precious” and coined “demanding and difficult” by the film’s director.

“When I watch Mr. Daniels make statements like I was demanding, and I was difficult, Mr. Daniels knows that is not true because he and I have never had an issue at all. If I were that person, why ever would you offer me the role of ‘Gloria’ in The Butler, why ever would you offer me the role of ‘Cookie’ in Empire?”

In a one-on-one interview with TV One’s Roland Martin on the primetime special NewsOneNow she will discuss the recent controversy surrounding reports that she experienced backlash following her groundbreaking role.

The interview will air on TV One Sunday, March 22nd at 10PM/EDT.

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