Moseley’s Musings: Columnist Eunice Moseley publishes a book of poems

‘Journey to Love: A Book of Poems’ is available on Amazon.


For Eunice Moseley, a syndicated journalist for The Pulse of Entertainment, there is poetry in the practice of journalism.

Her poetic rendering of life as a journalist and  public relations guru is chronicled in her first book “Journey to Love: A Book of Poems.”

Published worldwide through Amazon, the 264 page book offers narratives by Moseley and gives her philosophies on life and love for her craft with inspirational poems.

A promotions director (at-large) for The Baltimore Times,  Moseley is also the founder of the national entertainment conference, “Uplifting Minds II,” a community project that offers vocal coaching, songwriting and dance classes to young aspiring artists.

To order her book “Journey to Love: A Book of Poems” visit at

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