‘Music is therapy,’ says singer/songwriter T.R.O.Y.

A self-taught pianist, T.R.O.Y. has collaborated with many artists such as Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Kanye West and Stevie J.

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If you were stuck on a deserted island with only three artists to download, who would it be? For multi-platinum singer/songwriter T.R.O.Y it’s an easy one.

“Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Marvin Gaye.”

Those are the artists the Chicago native who has written songs for Jodeci, Kanye West, Tupac and Mary J. Blige has been influenced by. A former member of Emoja, a group whose song “Erotik City” was featured on the “Men in Black,” soundtrack, T.R.O.Y. Wembley has been writing music for nearly two decades and has built a solid reputation crafting catchy and creative content for other artists.TROY

“Back then, I was blessed to be involved with a company called Death Row,” shares T.R.O.Y. (Truth Reigns Over You) who we caught up with via phone while sheltering in his California home. “It opened me up to a lot of artists that came through to the studio. There are a lot of singers who do not write and they come to professional writers like myself. I was able to write songs for these people and showcase my talent,” adds the artist who enjoys the connectivity and creativity writing offers.

“You can connect with a person so much deeper on a writing platform because you get to really converse with each other and can get the best out of a person. Once they want us to write a song, we spend a little time with the artist and get to know them and what they are going through in life. If someone is going through a breakup, or just got married, we involve that into the song and make beautiful music out of that.”

With a mixtape called “Musical Gumbo” which features Sean Paul scheduled for release during June’s music month, and the release of his latest catchy single “Leave Wit Me” with Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Bryson Tiller, T.R.O.Y. is taking his music to another plateau.

“Music is so important because it takes you away. It takes you to a place and makes your mind go places. ‘Musical Gumbo’ is a mixture of so many styles from pop, reggae, soul to funk,” says the artist who grew up on Chicago’s Westside, surrounded by the symphonies of Curtis Mayfield and Sam Cooke, and perfected his vocals singing in his local Church choir. “When I say gumbo, it’s because there are so many ingredients in it. It’s a journey of music in one pot and everybody from every walk of life can find something to enjoy in this mixtape.”

With stage performances replaced by digital ones, it will be a while before the talented thespian embarks on a tour, but he is planning on a listening party to debut the album and encourages fans to stay tuned for the exact date.

“I am going to play snippets of the album live on my YouTube page and the live album listening party will be worth the wait.”

A self-taught pianist, T.R.O.Y. also plays the acoustic guitar and has collaborated with many artists such as Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Stevie J. from VH-1’s “Love and Hip Hop,” and also appears in the 2018 music documentary, “Where Is the Soul?” which explores how the soul of music has been lost within the record industry with the rise of rap and hip hop.  An acute businessman with a large catalogue of musical styles, he licenses his music for television, film and commercials and his work has been featured on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” “General Hospital,” “Bad Girl Club” and NBA TV.

“Licensing is important as you can get your songs played in movies and commercials and make money out of that as well and not just an album, especially right now people are watching a lot of movies and television and no one is touring. This is another way to get your music to the world,” adds the music connoisseur, who is well aware of the pitfalls artists can face in this competitive industry and if he had to do it all over again, he admits he would do things a little differently.

“I would have studied more about the business side of it and that’s what I would tell to anyone coming into the music industry. Study the business side as well as work on your craft. You want the fame, recognition and quickness of it, but there’s something else you have to study and it’s called business.”

Check out the video of “Leave Wit Me” featuring Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Bryson Tiller below:

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