Netflix buys rights to Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe comics

The deal gives Netflix movie rights to six of Liefeld’s titles: Brigade, Bloodstrike, Cybrid, Re-Gex, Bloodwulf, andKaboom.

NetflixNetflix has bought the film rights to comic creator Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe comics in a massive, seven-figure deal according to a report from Deadline.

Liefeld is best known as the original co-creator of the character Deadpool alongside Fabian Nicieza.

Netflix buying the rights to the Extreme Universe comics is the latest superhero acquisition for the streaming company, which also bought Mark Millar’s comic book publishing house Millarworld last year as a source of new adaptation material.

The films will be overseen by Akiva Goldsman who also infamously wrote Batman & Robin, co-wrote Batman Forever, and made his directorial debut with The Winter’s Tale, which he also wrote and produced. Goldsman is also currently working on another collaboration with Liefeld to adapt the Avengelyne comics at Paramount.

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