‘Nobody’s Perfect’ arrives on DVD and VOD

“Nobody’s Perfect” is directed by Derrick Simmons who is known for his extensive work both as a stuntman and actor.

Marriage thrillers have long been a common staple in cinema. Whether it’s the dramatic “Sleeping with the Enemy,”  “Gone Girl,” or “Fatal Attraction,” relationship dramas are great material for psychological suspense.Nobody's Perfect out on DVD

Just released on DVD, Amazon and iTunes VOD, “Nobody’s Perfect” is the latest to hit the shelves.

From award-winning filmmaker Derrick Simmons, the thriller tells the story of Sasha, a young woman who meets Morgan, the man of her dreams, or so she thinks. Once married, Sasha’s dreams become a nightmare when she is subjected to an abusive relationship.

Simmons, who is known for his extensive work both as a stuntman and actor, wrote, directed and produced the thriller through his production company, Derrick Simmons Film Works.

“This movie goes beyond the typical story of woman meets man and falls in love,” shares Simmons, who received the 2015 Best Director and Theatrical Career Achievement Awards from the Poconos Film Festival. “It delves into the intricacies of what becomes a convoluted relationship, dealing with complex issues that include domestic violence and literally reminds us that nobody’s perfect.”Derrick Simmons

After an extensive film festival run that included the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, “Nobody’s Perfect” earned the 2014 Best Film award at the Mt. Vernon Film Festival.

“I’m very excited about how well it has been received by the filming community,” Simmons continues. “It’s been an awesome experience. It has been an amazing feeling to be recognized for doing something you love.”

The film also stars Simmons (pictured above) who plays alongside Lexi Moeller, Don Wallace, Rick Aiello and Tim Gallin.

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