Recording Artist Norwood Young debuts new single

The single is written and co-produced by Norwood young and Grammy Nominated musical director Adam Blackstone.

The new hit single titled “The “Na Na Song” is already on rotation on the popular Los Angeles based radio station, KJLH and for Norwood Young, who reached musical acclaim with a celebrated solo career, its a huge accomplishment.

“I am over the moon about this new music, and I am proud to be able to share it with my Los Angeles family first,” says Young.

Young is known throughout the Hollywood circles for hosting lavish themed parties attended by the “who’s who” in Hollywood causing media frenzies from coast to coast. He also authored a memoir, “Getting Back to My Me”, where he writes about his journey filled with success, failure, love, hate, drugs, abuse and getting back to his music.

The single is written and co-produced by Norwood young and Grammy Nominated, much sought after, musical director Adam Blackstone.

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