Notting Hill Carnival 2015

Caribpress Entertainment editor Samantha Ofole-Prince captures the carnival carnage and craziness.

Every year, Notting Hill’s chaotic charm turns laissez-faire with the arrival of the annual carnival.

One of the largest street festivals in Europe, the Notting Hill carnival is typically a rambunctious affair.

With music performances, elaborate floats, rich Caribbean cuisine, costumed bands and various individuals with matching ankle feathers and sequin bras dancing over popular soca beats, carnival-revelers were clearly in a party mode despite the rain.

Arrests were up this year due to the stop and search policy the Metropolitan police put in place, and offenses ranged from assault, theft to weapon possession. During the two day event, 126 arrests were made on the carnival’s first day and 188 people were arrested on Monday, numbers which doubled from last year.

From Westbourne Grove, Great Western Road to Ladbroke Grove, entertainment editor Samantha Ofole-Prince navigated Notting Hill and captured the carnival carnage and craziness where everything and anything goes.

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