Presidential IQ Test – Is Romney or Obama Smarter?

FunEducation provides results of poll asking potential voters which candidates have the higher Intelligence Quotient.


The President holds a distinct advantage with would-be voters when asked “Which Candidate for President do you think has the higher Intelligence Quotient?” Participants picked Obama above Governor Romney by a 3-1 margin, 74-26 per cent.

Oddly, twenty-seven per cent of individuals who selected him stated it is mainly because Obama is a Harvard graduate, apparently not aware that Romney is also a Harvard graduate. Considering this, FunEducation performed an additional study which prefaced the previous query with: “Knowing that Obama obtained a Juris Doctor from Harvard and Romney obtained a Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration from Harvard…”

Once the audience recognized the two contenders’ Harvard qualifications, the final results ended up closer, with Romney trimming Obama’s lead to a 3-2 margin, 60-40 per cent.

A participant who picked Obama said: “The way Obama speaks and what he says leads me to believe he is more intelligent than Romney.”

One of the most accurate ways to measure intelligence is with a certified IQ test, according to Jonathan Paul, CEO of FunEducation. “But unless the candidates provide their results from such an instrument or a law school admissions test that correlates with an intelligence test, we can only speculate as to which candidates have the edge in IQ,” said Paul

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