Russell Wilson releases female superhero comic book

“Volcano Woman” promises an action-packed socio-conscious lineup featuring up to 9 black women superheroes

In response to the lack of female black superhero characters on screen, Russell Wilson is releasing a new comic bookVolcano Woman.

Titled “Volcano Woman” it follows a nosey black woman reporter called Nessa Tyler in Philadelphia who is kidnapped by crooked double agents and sacrificed to a Volcano in Sudan. She dies. But she comes back as the fiery and powerful Black American superhero, Volcano Woman.

Drawn by Black teen illustrator Crystal Crossley, Woke Comics will introduce Volcano Woman on November 1st in a five minute cartoon documentary entitled “Introducing Volcano Woman” that will coincide with the release of a special free Collector’s edition of the comic entitled Book One: Origin.

In February 2017, the comic will begin its regular monthly run.

Published by video game creator Russell Wilson with the help of veteran filmmaker Debra Keeler, “Volcano Woman” is not only a Black Owned Comic Book, it is also the first comic book to feature a Gay black male superhero on a regular basis in the person of Piru, the brother of Volcano Woman. Piru is described as a Scientist who doesn’t want his inventions used for evil. The comic also features a deaf character, Carolee, as the mother of Volcano Woman and Piru.

“Volcano Woman” was conceived, created and written by Egyptian-Sudanese novelist and television writer Kola Boof, author of  “The Sexy Part of the Bible” (Akashic Books) and former writer for the daytime soap “Days of Our Lives.” The book is designed by veteran comic book illustrator Jason Moser.

“Volcano Woman”  promises an action-packed socio-conscious lineup featuring up to 9 black women superheroes and Volcano Woman’s gay brother as they battle for truth, justice and the African-American way.

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