Singer and Songwriter Denim Nicole sends message to bullies with Lemonade

“I want people to listen to my message and realize that they’re not alone.” says the 14-year old artist

Denim NicoleWritten by Denim and produced by Black Space Music producer Mike Wavvs, Lemonade is a lesson in self-confidence by standing up to antagonizers and killing them with kindness all while wishing them well.

“I heard the track first, and I was dealing with some negativity at school,” states the singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer with a knack for writing catchy relatable songs that demand attention. “Fifteen minutes later this is what came out of me!”

“This”, meaning Lemonade, a catchy, relatable, pop rap song performed through a fun, witty, yet solemn way that shows her confidence level is high and that she isn’t backing down.

Instead of returning the insult by clapping back with attitude, sass, or shade, Denim shows her cards by responding maturely with clear-cut lyrics that need no interpretation.

“So I’m sitting here sipping my lemonade/Haters talking bout me ion care what they say/ Cause in my cup it reads success/You say I’m the worst/But I’m really the best,” Denim sings.

Explaining that no bully or hater will ever win by causing her anxiety or throwing her off her game, Denim explains, “I’m going to remain positive and sit here with my lemonade (cool vibes, success, and forward movement).”

“But the haters talk about me either way/ Ima still be great at the end of the day/ Y’all talk about me like what did I do/ I don’t just sell lemonade sell cookies too.”

Poised to easily become a teen anthem, Denim believes the song is also a message across the board. “It can also apply to people of all ages,” she states. “I mean who doesn’t have haters or know people who bring negative energy?”

Denim Nicole stays humble, exudes empathy, and sincerely cares about people, which is evident in her music. She says, “I want people to listen to my message and realize that they’re not alone.”


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