‘Single Entry’ gets limited run in New York

Written by Aston Cooke, ‘Single Entry’ tackles the issues surrounding immigration following two working-class Jamaican women who are determined to leave their modest living in the Caribbean by obtaining their single-entry US visa. 


Once arriving in NY, the comedic adventure continues, when they are faced with challenge after challenge to adjust to their new country, way of life, and all that entails, while staying true to themselves.

Carlene Taylor, Marsha-Ann Hay, Ronald Millwood, Curt Hampstead and Corey Grant star in the production which showed for a limited run at the Milton G. Bassin Performing Arts Center is located at York College Preforming Arts Center.

Director Joyce Sylvester mentions, “With all the arguments regarding immigration in our country in the times we are living in, we felt it important to shine light on the immigrant reality in this whole conversation. So much is being said about why America doesn’t want immigrants here, but few understand what they go through to get to the United States to begin with, merely following their desire to earn an honest living and live a life with more possibilities.”

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