Steve Harvey Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

One of the hardest working men in show business, media mogul Steve Harvey has created an empire with successes in radio, television, film, and publishing.

Comedian and radio host Steve Harvey was recently honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The unveiling ceremony of the 2,497th star was held on Monday on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles where Harvey was joined by his famous friends that included comic collaborator Cedric the Entertainer, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Phil McGraw and Samuel L. Jackson.

“I do work very hard, I kid you not,”  Harvey told E! News. “But I’m also a recipient of a lot of grace and mercy. God has given me much favor to be here. But the rest of it is hard work and that combination. It’s such a reward that has paid off. It’s so rewarding,”  added the comedian who  also thanked his children and wife for making sacrifices for him so that he could make them proud.

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